Graphic render of a Xanadome long-span light-weight structure


“Xanadomes are unique forms of structure for enclosing large spaces.”

In our pursuit of innovative forms of light-weight structures, Peter Dann Ltd. invented ‘Xanadome’. Aesthetically, Xanadome structures are fashioned by the forces within them and assume their own organic shapes. This natural ‘vocabulary’ of the system offers limitless opportunity to create attractive new forms and no other structure performing the same function may be lighter. The structure all lies in the planes of the covering and is consequently almost invisible.

Potential uses are for covering any large span of clear space including sports and leisure facilities, stadiums, shopping malls, refugee shelters, large hangers or warehousing. Materials available to most locations could be used and the structure is easily demountable, transportable and re-usable, so could be transported to any location around the globe.

A characteristic of theoretically efficient structures is their remarkable rigidity. Think of the bicycle wheel with its thin spokes and light rim. It doesn’t deform noticeably when it is bumped up a kerb. Xanadomes are very stiff and rigid. Deflections are a small fraction of movements in similar looking conventional structures.

The structural form is simple: ‘articulated arches’ restrained in a particular way by cables. The arches are not rigid but are made from a chain of linking struts freely jointed together like a necklace, and consequently having no strength or fixed form until restrained by the cables.

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